The warm weather is finally here which gives a great excuse to show off your feet and polished toes. Now is the time for picnics, pool parties, trips to the beach and playing outside-not foot pain! Check out these tips on how to keep your feet pain-free this summer!

Don’t Walk Barefoot
Your feet can suffer cuts and puncture wounds that can become infected and give you an issue later on. Make sure to not walkon hot asphalt in the summer months!

Apply Sunscreen to Your Feet
Although it crosses many peoples mind, your feet are a main target for a painful sunburn and even skin cancer. Lather up!

Don’t Fall for Fashion Trends 
When buying summer shoes, make sure they have proper heel cushioning and arch support.

Avoid Popping Blisters 
Blisters are natural barriers to infection. Avoid getting blisters by wearing comfortable shoes that fit and try to break the shoes in before wearing them.

Wear Socks as Much as Possible
Bare feet inside of hot shoes can lead to athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, blisters and calluses. The key is to keep your feet dry!

Stay Hydrated
Drinking fluids is extremely important for your entire body. Stay hydrated to avoid muscle spasms and cramping in your feet and legs.

Don’t Forget to Stretch
Especially if you are staying active, stretching will help prevent injuries of the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia.

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