Middletown Office - New Easy Access Located Directly in Front of the Building
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We offer a wide variety of services which can accommodate all types of foot and ankle issues. If you suffer from foot and/or ankle problems, be sure to get in touch with us today at any one of our three convenient locations.

Here are just a few of the many foot and ankle conditions we treat:

  • Ankle joint replacement and revisional surgery
  • AmnioFix – Stem cell therapy to treat chronic and acute injuries
  • Achilles tendon repair and lengthening
  • Arthrex – The most advanced surgical product solutions for the foot and ankle
  • Comprehensive infection and wound care
  • Foot and ankle fracture care and surgical repair
  • Revisional surgery of previous complications and poor outcomes
  • Routine diabetic foot care


Since 1992, our team of board certified foot and ankle surgeons have cared for patients suffering with lower extremity issues throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our board certified physicians are well-versed in the treatment of all ages and all problems with which people suffer in their feet and ankles. Each office is fully equipped to provide our patients with state-of-the-art care. We have a strong history and commitment in participating with all referring physicians, coaches, and trainers as we diagnose and treat their patient’s lower extremity difficulties. Our surgeons are on staff at many of the local hospitals in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, making it convenient for patients to receive their care if surgery is necessary. Expert medical care rendered through a convenient, common goal we share at the Foot and Ankle Institute of New England.